5 Top Tips on How To Travel Well On A Budget

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4 min readNov 22, 2022

I just love to traveling internationally, “worldwide” in my Pitbull voice. However, the pandemic was hard for me staying put for numerous reasons- financial and health which kept me on the couch. I started rebuilding my career and health and finally felt safe to go traveling again. I like to travel nicely but on a budget. Here are the tools I use to travel on the cheap but 4/5 stars. I recently traveled to London, England and Prague, Czech Republic and I used some of these great tips for myself to travel fabulously and on budget.

1. Use Online Tools To Find The Best Flight Tickets

1. I used Google Flights to track flights of destinations I want to go. I love a direct flight so I set up my settings for as few number of stops possible and have those flights sent to my email. Usually thereafter I book directly on the airline’s website. I used the following search engines to find a direct flight to London, England, under $600

2. I use Dollar Flight Club and Scott’s Cheap Flights. For Dollar Flight Club I was able to get a discounted premium membership for the year. But a premium membership isn’t needed to start but I highly recommend it’s ten out of ten. The premium allows me to truly get the first announcements to the lowest available travel flights. If you want to sign up for Dollar Flight Club use this link here for a discount: https://app.dollarflightclub.com/signup?rfsn=6985162.e53c5d Get email alerts when they find flights between 60–90% off leaving your home airport. I earn a small commission if you do sign up and it’s a win-win for all this free game I’m sharing lol! For Scott’s Cheap Flights I just have the free membership and find the the service still beneficial to find discounted travel and ideas of destinations that may be well priced to visit. It’s good to use both in conjunction with each other. I’ll put all my links down below so you all can use them! It’s a win-win for this free travel information I’m dishing out.

Scott’s Cheap Flights is now actually changed their name to “Going” sign up with my link: https://goingwith.me/rnnew69z

2. Use a Credit Card That Has No International Fees

This one may be a challenge for my credit-challenged community but even I was able to get a Capital One card which offers no international fees! So when you are getting a Uber in Europe change your payment to your capital One card to avoid additional fees! Here is my link to use if you are interested in getting a card with Capital One I get a little coffee money and you have the opportunity to get a great travel card it’s another win win! I recommend also having some cash on you for emergencies and some places do not accept cash so get some before you leave or get travelers checks to be safe!

Link: If you decide to apply for any Capital One card, use this link https://capital.one/3ekvJfu if you’re approved, I’ll get a referral bonus.

3. Book Your Hotel For a Discount

I used booking.Com for most of my hotels while I travel I can select the features I want like breakfast, free wifi, and gym. I can also select the budget and how many stars I want as well as the location. I always like to choose center ville to save time on vacation. I have lucked out and found top hotels for under $90 a night.

4. Use Reddit Travel Groups!

I have learned so much from a travel group on Reddit called Travel Hacks that group has helped me a lot and I learned new travel-saving tricks every day there!

5. Ask and You Shall Receive

On my first International flight after the pandemic, I was honestly still scared to sit next to anyone on the plane and also my shoulders are set up for a window seat or a seat to myself,. So I always ask for my own row and most of the time I do get a seat to myself. If the plane is not full you can ask a stewardest if you can switch to a empty seat and they can look up the seating chart from their handheld device! It’s almost as good as first class but without the price tag! However only if the flight isn’t full. Fly at night and during the week to find a less crowed flight. I do the same to check my bag for free I just ask and smile and nine times out of ten they will check my bag for free and I absolutely love it! This secret was hard to share because everyone is gonna be doing it now!

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